At Easter, 83 thousand passengers were mobilized through the Rafael Núñez International Airport

The Rafael Núñez International Airport is the entry and exit gate for thousands of travelers each month. After the reopening carried out in September, after the lifting of local and national restrictions, this year the air terminal has been raising the numbers of flights that were affected by all the months of closure due to the pandemic.

In the tourist season of December 2020, 229,357 people were mobilized, this number is far from the passengers who were transported in that same month in 2019 (543,607) and even in 2018 (539.06), therefore, Easter 2021 represented a hope of having a high flow of travelers, even more so considering that the country is in the vaccination phase against COVID-19.

According to figures provided by the Sociedad Aeroportuaria de la Costa (Sacsa), administrator of the airport, during the Greater Week (March 29 – April 4) 83,619 passengers were transported through the air terminal, a figure that represents 26.8% of the total passenger passengers mobilized in March 2021 (311,953).

“The number of passengers mobilized during Easter this year represents the largest reactivation of travelers since the arrival of COVID-19, since last year zero passengers were registered during that week. However, compared to 2019 figures, there was a 30.1% decrease in mobilization, in that year 119,596 mobilized people were registered, ”Sacsa said.

When separating the total number of passengers who traveled that week, it is found that 43,166 left the city: 39,005 to national destinations and 4,161 to international ones; and 40,453 arrived at Corralito de Piedra: 36,316 nationals and 4,137 foreigners

«Easter was the best time for the reactivation of Cartagena since we began to live with COVID-19. This meant a new air for the city and for tourism in the region, an economic sector on which we Cartagena depend. The trust placed in our local authorities and private and public actors are a recognition for the excellent biosafety practices that we reinforce every day, and we seek to get closer to perfection to turn our prevention and self-care system into something infallible «, he stated María Claudia Gedeón, Manager of Corporate Affairs of SACSA.

Taking into account the high flow of visitors during the Major Week, in March 311,953 passengers were registered by the Rafael Núñez, of which 283,333 correspond to domestic flights and 28,620 to international flights.


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